WATER-OAK Crimestoppers

WATER-OAK Crime Stoppers

Watertown & Oakville, Connecticut

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Events and Projects

Annual Pasta Dinner

WATER-OAK Crime Stoppers holds an annual Pasta dinner every year in early April. In 2017, the Pasta Dinner date will be held on Wednesday, April 26th.. 

Annual Appeal

WATER-OAK Crime Stoppers sends out an annual fundraising appeal to businesses and residences only once a year.   Businesses receive this direct solicitation via U.S. Mail.  Residences receive a flyer as it accompanies a quarterly bill from one of our generous supporters. 

Community Awareness

WATER-OAK Crime Stoppers shows the Tip Line telephone number at numerous locations around the Watertown, Oakville area.  These are visible near town parks, banks, schools and other key locations.  If you see one of our signs damaged, please contact us via email at wocs@wocrimestoppers.org, so we can replace it. 

An annual WATER-OAK Crime Stoppers Calendar is produced and published in the Town Times annually. 


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