WATER-OAK Crimestoppers

WATER-OAK Crime Stoppers

Watertown & Oakville, Connecticut

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About WATER-OAK Crime Stoppers

The WATER-OAK Crime Stoppers is a not-for profit, non-government community service organization in Watertown/Oakville, Connecticut.   It is not connected directly with the Watertown Police Department.  It's board of directors and volunteers are unpaid and meet on a monthly basis to review its activities.

The board determines the organizations fundraising efforts to raise funds that are necessary to fund the independent "tip line" and "anonymous tip answering service" that make this program possible; as well as funds that are provided as rewards for "tipsters" who supply us with the appropriate tips that lead to an arrest. (not conviction).  

The "tipster" remains anonymous, and does not need to make any direct appearance to the Police or Court. When a reward has been determined, the "tipster" follows simple instructions to pick up the "case reward" and a public place, using an anonymous pickup procedure. 

The Board of Directors are always looking for volunteers to assist us in this important community program.  To volunteer, please contact us via email and do not use the Tip Line

To volunteer, please contact the WATER-OAK Crime Stoppers at: wocs@wocrimestoppers.org.  Volunteers and Sponsors may also contact WATER-OAK Crime Stoppers by mail at this address:

WATER-OAK Crime Stoppers
P.O. Box 159
Oakville, CT    06779


Have a tip?
Call 860-945-9940